Potato Chicken Cutlets

  • on March 14, 2019
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So these potato chicken cutlets are my moms recipe. I have been eating these since I was a little girl and now my girls love them equally. We make these almost every week if not every other week. These are perfect for school lunches and entertaining at parties with. This is a very basic recipe of these cutlets, you can add and subtract almost anything and you will come up with a unique flavor every time. These can easily be made vegetarian if you skip the chicken.

I personally love these because i can make these on a Sunday and they last me all week for school lunches and after school snack. I give the girls a cutlet with some salad, on some bread with chips, some veggie sticks with ranch, some fruit, or with pasta and sauce. These can be given all week with a different side and you wont have to break a sweat over school lunch.

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Time: Prep- 30 mins

Cook time- 15 mins

Difficulty: 2

Serves: 5

Cuisine: Pakistani

Course: Appetizer or snack

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Potato Chicken Cutlets


4 large boiled potatoes

1/2 cup boiled shredded chicken

1 cup cheese

1/4 cup frozen mixed veggies (thawed)

1 1/4 tbs mayonnaise

1/2 tsp black pepper powder

1/4 tsp crushed red pepper

Salt to taste

2 tbs sesame seeds (optional)

1 cup breadcrumbs

2 large eggs

2 cups oil for frying


Mash the boiled potatoes and combine the chicken, cheese, veggies, mayo and seasonings. Make cutlets.

Form an assembly line with beaten eggs, and breadcrumbs combined with sesame seeds (optional)

Heat oil in a frying pan.

Dip the cutlets in eggs, and coat it generously with breadcrumbs.

Deep fry for a few mins on each side until golden brown. Place them on a paper towel to absorb excess oil.

Serve hot and enjoy!!

Condiments suggestion: siracha mayo sauce, spicy ketchup, yogurt ranch sauce.

Optional: hard boiled eggs and pasta can also be added to the cutlets for a variation.

Note: I am not a professional chef/writer. These measurements are an approximate, please taste the recipe as you go and make changes accordingly.

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  • What kind of cheese do you recommend?

    Add Luv August 22, 2019 4:17 pm Reply
    • I usually use a blend of cheese, cheddar jack , or Italian blend. Honestly whatever is available at home.

      Fatima August 22, 2019 6:11 pm Reply

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